Touchpad positioning: rant on Absolute centering vs. Home position centering

I’ve recently acquired a Framework, and am mostly enjoying it)

However, there’s a problem I can’t quite get around — touchpad is shifted to the right of home position.

Basically, that means that I frequently accidentally touch it with bottom of my right thumb, and that requires me to keep DWT on — while I don’t need to do that on laptops lineups like Latitudes or Thinkpads.

That’s is so annoying!

I can’t figure out any reason to put it in the center except “design”. And it doesn’t even look that good compared to home position centering — the closest visual element to the touchpad is the spacebar, and it doesn’t line up!

Look how nicely it lines up on a Latitude!
And it’s more comfortable too!

I might be wrong, and overlooking some obvious reason to do so — maybe you are targeting Macbook people, and they are used to the center position of touchpad — I will be glad to hear your thought process in the comments.


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I think it’s just kind of not really thought about a lot? Props for noticing that! :clap:

I do agree, with the touchpad centred to the chassis instead of the keyboard I tend to accidentally activate the touchpad a lot but hadn’t really given it a thought as TP rejection usually does its trick.

Both the family macbook

(only pic I could find, i’m out right now)

and my surface

have them centred to the chassis!

I’m kinda fine with it but would love some input from the FW team to see if this was actively thought about or just where it ended up~

Hope this helps! :blush:


Still hope for an answer :slight_smile:

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On the other hand, you can always reduce the size of it, but not increase it)

Three layers of painters tape does stop it from recognizing anything in that area, alas I would’ve probably preferred having a vinyl sticker instead.

This does make experience without DWT much, much better — now I can, for example, properly play Factorio and use Blender keybindings)

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To me it feels more like the spacebar isn’t centered.

It is rather hard to squeeze keyboard to the right without changing to non-standard layouts)