No spacers next to the trackpad on the 16?

Hi Guys,
I got a suggestion, that might be appreciated by future customers. I wanted to know, if there is already any conversation about this (rather non-important) topic.

I tend to go for looks regarding electronics, and am even an ex-macbook-user. I always liked a good clean look of my mac and my devices in general, and also spent way to much on looks on my PC. I am looking for a new laptop right now and really want to go for a framework 16.
I want to go for a numpad specifically, it is the main reason I plan to go 16 inch. However, what is kinda throwing me off though, is the look of the spacers next to the trackpad module. It makes it look a little bit cheap imo and was asking myself, if there will ever be the possibility to just order the 16 with the trackpad as a whole module, without spacers. I know that I am not able to move my trackpad around as a consequence, and I am also aware that this will ramp up production costs. Since looks are important to me, I would pay extra every day of the week and I absolutely do not mind the trackpad being just in the middle…

Is there any conversation about it already?
Greetings from Germany!


Yes, it has been brought up by a few customers before, including me. Even if the gaps in the final production model are slightly less obvious than the engineering samples so far, it will still be an odd sight, to say the least.

I am hoping that enough customers will show interest in this that Framework makes 3 versions of the trackpad with “Right”, “Middle” and “Left” options.

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Fully agree, I know it may be a bit boring to propose this, but I think there are many who would like to see this for aesthetics only. I have heard somewhere that the current design is chosen deliberately also so that the laptop intentionally stands out. But I fully agree that it would be good to also have the option with only one single unit for trackpad.

Obviously, the trackpad could then ideally vanish alltogether, meaning a similar style like the XPS 13+ where almost the entire area is trackpad without any visual distinction of any trackpad, but just the surface.

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My Money is on IF they were to do this it would be after the get the backlogs under control and any other issues found during the first few waves solved then they MAY move on to something like this. but i would bet it would be centered only…only time will tell but we will see. i personally will center the keyboard and touch pad. im not a big fan of the 10 key on laptops too condensed, or off set keyboards feel weird when using on the go.

Me personally would probably just stick with the bars on the left and right unless they release it before wave 8

@Philam I hope whoever you heard this from is wrong. If you think about it, ignoring or not addressing aesthetic aspects just to be different or stand out is not a good argument for people to buy it…
Im pretty sure that looks is an important issue for a significant amount of customers. Otherwise I could not explain, why so many people want their rig, their phone, or their laptop to look good.
On the other hand I can understand, that they got different and more important stuff to do right now, as @Cbigfoot is pointing out.
Nevertheless, I hope for the best. I really want Framework to succeed with their vision :smiling_face:

No only for the aesthetic aspects, I would like Framework to give the choice between a splitted trackpad module and a whole version too. What about the additional dust it could bring inside the computer, even if it can be opened easily?

It seems to bring a lot of engineering complexity for a limited gain. I use the trackpad with both hands, so its position isn’t a reason to buy this computer to me, I probably won’t change it. And the below spacers cannot be plugged to the connectors like those above, for what I understood.

I find the repairability and evolution perspectives are, by far, the main reason to buy it. If they sell a whole module to transfer the trackpad on, I’ll get it!

@guitarnono yeah, that is a valid argument as well. But I dont know if I want to buy one and just take the chance that they might release a whole trackpad-module at some point in the future. At the end of the day, the 16 inch would be 2,3k in the configuration I am looking for, which is quite some cash.

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It isn’t just the aesthetics which are affected by the separate spacers, but I can imagine a few other comfort related issues arising after thousands of people will be using it as well. I hadn’t even thought about the dust and debri problem, which will definitely pop up along with all types of fabric fibers getting stuck in the sharp edges.

Ever since I had seen the spacers in the prototype phases, I had assumed that’s what it was: Just a prototype placeholder to show you the possibilities of trackpad placement. I am quite surprised that they wanted to go with that design for final product as well, given how refined the rest of the design is.

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Sounds like an opportunity for a third party to build a solution here.

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I think I heard about it in a review online. But it does of course also add functionality. With the two spacers you can adjust your trackpad to the left or right. But, again, this would not be needed if you have a XPS13+ type of trackpad surface all across… But some people may prefer flexibility, and who knows what type of middle modules or spacers will still be produced. But I would really support that a single version without spacers should be built as well.

I wouldn’t be too surprised if there weren’t alternative trackpads in the future. Though, we still need for just the base product to release!

It is extremely unlikely to happen anytime in the near future. They would probably just suggest methods people have done to erase the lines if looks are important. You may want to look at that as well. Or you could take off the tops of the spacers and trackpad and cut out a piece of metal with a hole for the trackpad, placing everything together while retaining a one piece look.

@Philam Yeah, its true, it takes some flexibility away. Maybe the are able to offer both options in the future, who knows.
Unfortunately, I am pretty sure @Term_Grecos and BPM are right…the base model isnt even released yet, and it also is a rather non-important topic.
Our only choice is to hope for the best, I think :grimacing: