[TRACKING] Battery flipping between charging and discharging / Draws from battery even on AC

Glad to hear this resolved itself. We do have a little application that installed, will monitor for changes in the kernel and alert you.

On my 11th Gen, IF I have an external hub plugged into the back right USB C port, the back left USB C port where I have the power plug will flip-flop between charging and discharging the battery. The solution is a kludge. Unplug the left power for a second and plug it back in. The system then prioritizes that USB C port or so it seems to this layman. The other way to go here is to not plug in the right-hand USB C hub until after the laptop powers up, in which case no flip-flopping. (This on Windows 11 Pro)

I get similar behaviour on the framework 13 amd with ec3.03 watching the EC console I see no events for when it’s been booted powered from the left PD port after an unplug. I get an event again from the right. But it’s not complete and there is a TODO message in the EC console about implementing PD port switching logic. Suspending unplugged seems to bring proper AC powered messages back again after resume when plugging on either side

What I don’t understand is why the right USB C port causes problems?

Are both right ports affected by this?

II was responding to jwp who has done a more detailed study of the issue. Mine was the left back port flip-flopping. My guess would be that having a usb hub plugged in to the right back port reduces the power to the left meaning that there is no dedicated power plug USB C port at all.

I would wonder if the problem has to do with the problem where there was a component overheating causing the left side ports to go totally inop.

I have no idea. I am a pure layman here and will just leave it to those who can troubleshoot better than I.

Fwiw, when I tried this a while ago, I could reproduce the problem with all four ports, even with the modules removed. (Support had asked me to try this, that’s why I did some more tested.)