How to stop charging LED from flipping states every few seconds?

I have an AMD Framework 13 (running Windows 10) and one thing that is bothering me is that when it’s connected to a charger and already has a full charge - the indicator LED will change between white and orange every few seconds.

I get that it’s working as implemented to indicate that the battery discharges a little bit and then gets topped up immediately. But it’s very distracting and annoying.

Is there a way to keep that LED in a steady state? If not, I’ll probably just end up putting a sticker over it so it’s not visible at all.

The battery shouldn’t discharge when connected to a charger. But the AMD Framework 13 doesn’t fully support Windows 10, maybe there is some driver issue with it.


LEDs are independend from the installed OS, this is likely a hardware issue. You can try some battery tools, to see what’s going on, like BatteryInfo: BatteryInfoView - View battery information on laptops / netbooks


Interesting, I have hwinfo64 installed and it indeed shows that the battery is constantly switching between charging and discharging

(note 2nd and 3rd columns for the Charge Rate - min and max values within couple minutes that it was running)

I don’t know if the OS has any control over charging or not, gonna try resetting charge limit back to 100% to see if that helps.

That should be due to the laptop drawing power from the battery for power consumption spikes, e.g. when boosting.

That happened frequently to me too when I used a 60W charger. I have switched to an 100W charger and it happens less — occasionally during peak loads, but way less often.

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