[TRACKING] Upgraded my speakers - worked, then rebooted, now not found

I upgraded to the new, louder, speakers yesterday. Worked great. Today the laptop display started getting janky on page scrolls, then the laptop locked up. On reboot it no longer detects the speakers. I see ‘dummy output’ in pop!_os.

I’ll reboot later and see if it comes back.

Hi Dan,

This sounds like auto updates to me, based on the sudden change. You indicated that the new speakers worked fine at first, then later you’re experiencing some oddness.

Normally I’d have you reinstall Pipewire, but this sounds like bigger issues are at play. Let’s reboot and see if the behavior continues.

Ok, audio is back after reboot. I’ll keep an ear on it.

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Got me to smile with this one. :rofl: Sounds good.