[RESPONDED] Speaker popping on Fedora 39

Sometimes the speaker pops (worryingly loud!) when my Framework 16 running Fedora 39 plays audio. I still need to figure out whether this is a Fedora or a Framework bug and file a bug report accordingly, but I wanted to ask if anyone else was having this issue so that we could help each other figure it out.

Any follow-up details? I am also hearing a similar pop on my external speakers (over usb-c through my monitor) every time the track changes in my music player. But I am not really sure the best approach for debugging the cause.

A couple times now, I have heard a loud pop from the system speakers. I was not playing any music at the time. I’m running Ubuntu 22.04.

I’ve heard pops every so often too. I’m currently on Fedora 40 (release version) and it just popped when I rebooted, which made me do a Google search to find this post.

It happens to me too fairly often, seems like it might me the mainboard sending DC voltages to the speakers, that’s what it sounds like to me at least

I hope it doesn’t cause any damage the speakers in time.

It does have the potential to kill the speakers, I was considering reaching out to support about it but I’ve frankly not had the energy to.

Honestly I haven’t heard mine pop in quite a while. Granted I don’t use mine often, but I do shut it off every time, and I don’t recall hearing pops now. Is it still happening to you? And is it random or reproducible every time you shut down?

As I am not able to repro this here, things to try:

  • Surge protector? Try without on a known to be trusted outlet.
  • Try another outlet.
  • Anything interesting appearing in sudo dmesg -w or journalctl -f when you see the crackling happen?
  • Have tried this with Fedora 40?