Trackpad "double-clicking" after recent display replacement

Hi all,
I’ve had my Intel 13th gen DIY Edition for a couple months now, and recently I had to replace the display due to some keyboard outline etching. Support was very kind and sent me a replacement display, but after installing it, the bottom right side of the track pad has been “double-clicking” for lack of a better description. Essentially, a light press causes a clicking noise, and then a harder press registers the intended click. It’s very irritating and I’m slightly concerned it could cause some damage in the future. The clicking occurs even when the click module on the input cover has been removed. I followed the touchpad rubbing fix guide, but it made zero difference. From what it looks like, the rubbing occurs on the side of the touch pad, so any up/down movement as described in the guide wouldn’t make a difference. I’m genuinely unsure how to fix it after multiple attempted tweaks, and I was wondering if anyone here has had a similar issue or has ideas for a solution. I doubt the input cover is worth replacing, or worth bringing up to support, so hopefully there are some other fixes I could attempt. Thank you in advance.


I have the exact same weird two clicks on my left click on my brand new amd 13 inch DIY edition. No idea what to do, did you end up figuring anything out?

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I had the same problem.
It turned out there was some spurious glue in the latch of the touchpad and the palm rest. Removing the touchpad and cleaning up the glue that with some alcohol fixed the issue.

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Would you be able to provide any pictures/instructions on how to replicate your fix? This double-clicking issue is the sole complaint I have with the AMD 13 that I otherwise love.

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Edit : Does not work reliably

I have a fix, but it’s not ideal.
I had the exact same issue on AMD Framework 13 DIY (double clicking on the bottom right corner), and I was able to fix it by putting 7 layers of electrical tape on the bottom right of the underside of the trackpad. Bottom right when seem from below, so opposite of where the double clicking was occurring, see picture.
The only downside is that you can see some pretty major bowing of the laptop now, see picture. Please share your info if it worked for you / if you found a way to fix the trackpad without the chassis bowing.

Well looks like I declared victory too soon, it was working this morning but tonight it was not.
Maybe It has something to do with changes in temperature making the chassis / battery expand / contract ?
I found another “fix” when removing the tape. By letting the bottom right (when viewed from above) captive screw of the chassis unscrewed, the double clicking no longer occurs.
Again, this results in ungly chassis bowing, and time will tell if this works longer than my previous fix.

What seemed to work for me was removing the metal bracket (the one with black covering, attached by the two screws towards the front of the device that “clicks” the touchpad) and bending it slightly so that the middle of the bracket when screwed back down sits just a little bit closer to the touchpad surface. The touchpad surface then doesn’t need to travel as far to click when depressed, and this seemed to remove the unwanted double-clicking sensation for me.