[RESPONDED] Matte display BTO?

Hi, I’m new to this whole thing. I’d love the matte display. Will this be available as a build to order option or are these sorts of things things you have to buy after the fact?


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It will come standard on all new 13th gen and AMD prebuilts and DIYs.

It’s the glossy screen that will be available separately.


So then how do you configure it with a glossy screen? I don’t see it. If i wan’t to have a glossy screen i have to buy a matt screen too and throw it away to get a glossy screen?

That’s completly off the though of no e-waste.

no you sell the matt screen back or something other than wasting it

Framework doesn’t have a buyback or trade-in program. You could keep it around as a spare or sell it to another community member, though!