Two issues I have been having

Hello all,

I have been having a couple of problems (I have had my unit since Batch 3 in September), and haven’t really bothered fixing them since I have been more busy with my school work. Both of my main two problems are related to the trackpad.

  1. Sometimes when I press on the trackpad (physical press) on the bottom left, it will get stuck in, and I have to slap the trackpad a number of times and it will fix itself. Often, it will happen multiple times back to back, and then not happen for a while, like a few days.

  2. Occasionally when waking from sleep, the trackpad will either go full speed (like really fast) and the taps for right click and middle click won’t work anymore (as if libinput breaks). And then sometimes the trackpad just won’t register any input. Rebooting fixes both problems.

I am running Arch Linux, with libinput version 1.19.1, and Linux Kernel 5.12.13-arch1-1 from the standard repositories.

There are several threads regarding trackpad issues, notably this one.

For your first issue, several users have reported that the screws for the trackpad become loose over time. You might want to check and see if that’s the case for you.

Regarding point #2, have you tried disabling PS/2 emulation in the BIOS? That setting seems to be a common issue causing erratic mouse/trackpad behavior.

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On the first issue, we’ve written this guide on adjusting the Touchpad position to resolve rubbing: Touchpad Rubbing Fix Guide - Framework Guides

We’re working on determining how it is getting into that state.


@gclimer: Thanks for your reply. I believe I saw that post earlier, that’s why I have been tapping it. I have PS/2 emulation disabled in bios, and I am pretty sure it happened once or twice after I disabled it (not sure though. It didn’t seem to stick one time when I changed the setting). I updated my Kernel (after seeing on the Arch Linux thread, that more recent kernels were working with bluetooth, which is why I was running such an old kernel).

@nrp: I wasn’t sure if this was the “rubbing” problem people have had. I did detach the input cover to inspect the trackpad. I noticed that you can see there is slightly more of a gap on the sides of the trackpad, but given it is in the opposite direction, I figured it wasn’t a problem. I did try tightening the screws, and it hasn’t happened since. If it happens again, I will go through that guide to see if it helps.

Thanks a lot y’all. And thanks for such an amazing product @nrp.