U-series chips?

I always feel that low power chips tend to have a longer service life because the use case for them tend not to update a lot. Also a highly configurable laptop for me meant I can get a high build quality chasis with a relatively low spec chip, which is not often an option on the market but suits my need. So I was happy to see Framework doing the 15W CPUs on the 11th gen lineup. Would love to see them back!

Cant you just limit the CPU ressources on your OS if you need less power?

Edit: Also, welcome to the Framework community!

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Exactly this! You can mimic a U-series chip if you wished by just capping the chip using Throttlestop and the OS, and even the BIOS to disable cores!

There’s no reason to put CPUs with TDPs far lower than the Fan solution anyways, as that’d just be leaving wasted thermal headroom!

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@user26 Despite the 11th gen looking like it had a U series chip, it was configured to 28W not 15W and it boosted to 60W. And like the others said, you can limit the given cores to the same clock speeds as a U-series chip and turn off cores in BIOS. You can make a P-series into a U-Series but not the other way around.

It sure is viable, what I mean by saying a low end chip of course include lower price though lol
Thanks anyways!

@user26 Depends on how much of the BOM is the CPU chosen. Besides, there are better ways to penetrate lower price tiers as discussed elsewhere. Refurbs are a good example.