UART Expansion Card

Sorry about that, you were the 3rd person to make that mistake and I don’t blame any of you, as I most certainly should have put a label or printed some basic instructions, but as this was my first expansion card to sell I was certainly going to make a mistake, side note: I have some parts coming for more UART expansion cards!

No problem, I felt quite silly when I realized what I had overlooked! The 23 jumpers you included (thanks!) should have tipped me off! I do feel better knowing I’m not the only one though, hahah.

Yeah some instructions, also a link to the chip’s drivers would be good!

I hope your second batch sells out, too!

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I’m just about to buy a new batch of boards that are identical to what I made last time but I’m planning on using an MJF PA12-HP Nylon enclosure, this will lead to an increase of $3USD.


Great to hear. Already on the waitlist. Finally an UART adapter I can’t forget at home.

Restocked 31pcs, these will use a MJF grey enclosure and these will be assembled to order so expect slightly longer shipping times.

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I re-reviewed my BOM costs and decided I can sell these at 20 USD total inc shipping anywhere FW ships to, excluding taxes. If you are one of the three people that ordered prior to this, I can manually issue a refund to bring your order cost down to 20 USD excluding tax/customs duties

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My UART expansion card is now listed on Tindie, if you are purchasing from UK or EU, you will be responsible for all customs and import duties/fees, Lectronz is the better option for EU or UK but does not have PayPal.


And these are now on free shipping, renegotiated rates with my courier to get it down to a point where I can cover it in my COGS and still make money


Not to resurrect the thread, but any chance you could make a 1.8v model? Or post the board files somewhere so I could chuck a level shifter on there or something?