Ubuntu 21.10 Login shell crashes and logs me out

This is not a framework issue. But since many of us are running Ubuntu latest I am wondering if I should just reinstall or if this is happening to others. I haven’t found any threads but I have dug super deep. I am mostly happy with my track pad and generally the device is working well. It did have way better battery life with KDE then GNOME. But I can’t really stand KDE and I am lazy. So I need to work on the tuning. Also I need X cause synergy doesn’t work on wayland yet. I have had the keyboard go away one more time but it seems transient. When I get home from the holiday’s I will reseat and see if that resolves it permanently. Anti glare screen protector arrives today.

WRT to having a linux skew I can see the point. But as long as we are getting a will curated hardware build with Linux support I think it is a lot to ask Framework to support even one distro. Do any of the pro distro’s offer to support hardware for a fee? I think it would be better to get a distro to support it rather then have framework do it. But maybe that isn’t a thing.

For what it is worth here is my experience in the 10 days that I have owned my DIY laptop (Batch 6). I opted to get the max amount of memory, CPU, and WiFi card.

I did a fresh install of Ubuntu desktop 21.10 on the NVMe (WD_BLACK™ SN850 NVMe™ SSD 2TB).

Additionally I installed POP!_OS 21.10 on the 1 TB Expansion Card.

Both distributions have issues which lead to a couple crashes. The only common tasks in these events were from multiple Firefox windows and tabs displayed across two 43" LED monitors (an inexpensive Sharp 4k UHD TV and Philips BDM4350UC Class IPS-LED Monitor). The web browser had a couple pages which was playing an ad that had video/sound.

For the two events within Ubuntu, a dialog was launched asking to collect some detail to send to the developers.

For the two or three events within POP!_OS, I got a dialog stating asking to Force Firefox to quit or wait.

Within both OS’es I had top running within a terminal window. The RAM was using less than 10 GB. My USB keyboard/mouse stopped working. I disconnected/reconnected the USB type A connector to restore functionality.

I can open many Firefox browser windows/tabs without issues (and the sites I was connected did not have video or sound ads:

  • Proxmox’s noVNC browser sessions
  • Remote Viewer session using SPICE
  • Server management tools such as IPMI
  • Multiple sessions of Remmina connected to other servers/desktops via VNC or RDP

@Chris_Schafer are you able to log in from a text terminal (my terminology may be off - Ctrl-Alt-F4, for example)? I had this happen on a different (non-Framework) laptop and iirc the solution was to use apt to reinstall gdm from that window. The symptoms that I encountered were getting to the graphical login screen, entering my password, then getting kicked back to the login screen. This was on Pop!_OS 21.04 iirc.

I log back in no problems at all. My session is just gone. I haven’t checked the process table to see if anything is open but I am guess everything is getting dropped. I mean I am running latest with a similar config to Patrick above. Mostly just playing music using a doc and a dac/amp. I expect some instability. I just wanted to see if it was just me. Sounds like maybe it is and it would be worth a fresh config.

@Chris_Schafer - ah, I misinterpreted it that you couldn’t log in at all. Please follow up if you determine what the root cause was. I’m on Pop!_OS but with wayland, and I don’t recall that I have been booted out…yet.

Strange. Running Kubuntu 21.10 here on a Samsung NVMe, I haven’t had any issues thus far. I’ve been running it that way for the most part since I received my batch 5. KDE on X11.

Did the issues start when you switched to Gnome? How did you switch to Gnome? Did you install the Gnome-Desktop or Ubuntu-Desktop package?

Does the issue occur if you are not running Synergy? I’ve had Synergy cause a lot of problems with the keyboard and mouse.

I did Run Windows 11 for a few minutes on a WD Black NMVe and had it crash on me. Haven’t tried it since the WD firmware was updated though.


Hi I have exactly the same problem, but I’m not using a framework computer. When I’m using a browser, I am suddenly logged out and I can log-in back again, losing all the windows that were open when the system crashed.

I already know what does not solve this problem: removing snapd, blocking all gnome extensions, exchanging Mozilla for Chrome. In all those cases the system keeps crashing and logging me out.

Previous to Ubuntu 21.10 I had version 21.04 working without any problem for several months. This crashing and logging out started only after I updated linux in December.

It may be some incompatibility between my configuration and the drivers in 21.10.

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I haven’t made any progress but I have been using the laptop less so I don’t know what is up. Glad to know it isn’t framework specific then.