Ultralight with 4g touchscreen

My suggestion is this:

A 4g/lte ultralight touchscreen, possible a 2 in 1.

I had an xps13 9365 that I loved, but I bought it second hand because dell is terrible. I see dell has the latitude… But I still hate dell.

If framework made one I’d love to buy it.

I do feel that the touchscreen is necessary for a portable device as a compliment to the trackpad, as I’m hate trackpads and won’t always have a mouse on me.

4g makes a device worth a lot more to me solely on the fact that I don’t want to have to whip out my phone every 3 seconds and have to worry about the battery drain.


…touchscreen…likely won’t happen until they can address the hinge / panel bounce.

There have been a couple of DIY tablets using Frawework components. It seems it is one of the most wanted options.

Which is already fixed, no?

Fixed, no. Minimized / improved, yes.

yes I would really like a laptop can can fold 360 into a tablet with pen input.