4.0kg Hinge ETA

What’s the ETA on the stronger "4.0kg Hinge Kit?

The laptop screen falls on my lap just getting up from the couch!


You may have a faulty hinge, in which case it can be replaced under waranty, unles s you get up with a force of 2G :slight_smile:

No such problems with the defaut hinge. Anyway why not contact support on the issue?

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I waited and told myself I can switch later, and on the second day I have reached my limit of the one hand open design it was out of stock. Truly a L on my part.

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Why those 4kg hinge isn t it default on the 12th gen laptop ???
notebookchekc 12th gen :

Because there is nothing wrong with the 3.3Kg ones, didn’t you just post this in another topic ??

You can buy the 4Kg and try them, it may suit you better, but the 3.3Kg are really good on my laptop, as in the other topic, maybe you have faulty hinges ??

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@Iann_C Exactly for that reason. The 4.0kg hinge is not a replacement nor a fix to the previous one, it’s just an extra option since quite a few people are not content with the compromise that Framework made in terms of the original design (to favor one hand open over the MacBook like rigidity).

Personally, I couldn’t care less about whether I can open my laptop with one hand, but the issue with wobbly “hinges” is also comprised of other points of low integrity, like with the 11th gen the top panel being not CNC made from a single piece of aluminum. That means even with the 3.3kg hinge the top panel actually flexes or bends slightly when you lift it, which results in wobble as you release it and the metal returning to its original shape and the actually angle of the hinge.

The thing with hinges is that people have a pretty wide spectrum of preferences, and Framework being Framework wants a way, so everyone is not unhappy. I don’t expect it to replicate my experience with my 2016 MacBook Pro, but I do appreciate the choice to make it a bit closer.


The default 3K hinges on the framework are an abject total failure. They suck. You pick up the laptop and the screen literally flops over. And then when you contact support asking about it they make you record a video to prove the faultiness of the product. It’s honestly easier to just buy the 4K hinges when I come back in stock and be done with it. Any more problems and I’ll just sell and get a Dell.


‘They’ implies ‘all’ which is clearly not the case. Framework have acknowledge that some errant hinges got through the production line and they are happy to replace them.

If you find producing a video too demanding an would rather wait and buy the stiffer hinges, not you may not be able to open with one hand…

Although my 3.3K hinges are fine, I don’t ‘need’ the ability to open with one hand and stiffer hinges by default would be fine too…

I do wonder if having such ‘slack’ hinges was the greatest idea given the number of complaints, but then I wonder how many there are and was it just a batch of hinges and the problem has been resolved, at leats in production.

I wonder if Framework would like to publish [number replaced]÷[laptops sold]×[100] and indicate what batches were mostly effected. It would help those with the problem find their feet so to speak.

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The basic criteria for replacement is the screen falling under it’s own weight but they take it “case by case”. Falling under it’s on weight is an extremely bad case so basic criteria are too low IMO.

It can be difficult and frustrating having to prove the subpar performance. I’m hoping they can provide an easy definitive way for users to test if the hinges they have are in spec or not.

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And of course this is not the subject of this topic, as a replacement hinge would be another 3.3Kg hinge, which could add to the ‘trauma’.

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Ha! You jest but when I look at my laptop I see a source of disappointment and frustration, I did consider throwing it out the window a few times in these last months when at it’s peak.

If my hinge is in spec I would want the 4kg one but then I would be refused a replacement so…

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The 4 Kg hinge is in stock NOW.


Using the batch 2 FW 12th gen here, and no problems on the hinges compared to my previous laptops like thinkpad E590

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I’m guessing it’s kinda stupid to add a skew with the 4kg hinge when it’s easily user swappable but like an option at checkout would be cool!

Just a suggestion though! :blush:

Seems like a good idea to me. User adjustable hinge would be the best though. My hinges got replaced by support (with 3.3kg again) while a lot better than my original I would have preferred the 4.0kg option but only in hindsight :thinking: