Unable to Update Windows

I’m trying to update windows 11. I am dual-booting Windows and Fedora on separate drives. When I try to reboot to apply the update, it wont do anything (still wanting me to reboot to update) how can this be solved

does the laptop reboot but the update isn’t applied or does the laptop not even reboot?

Laptop reboot but update isn’t applied, automatically it’s booting to fedora as i didn’t found a way how to change for an update fedora is on 2030 and windows on 2080 drive

You can try getting into the boot menu and selecting boot from Windows.

I’m running EndeavourOS + Windows dual boot on another laptop and whenever Windows reboots to update, it will always boot into EndeavourOS unless you choose Windows in the systemd menu.

I’m not sure what menu Fedora uses, but that may solve your issue.

it always boot into fedora i can change that only manually in bios and one time to boot into windows, that is exactly what i am trying to do without success

Does Fedora not have a pre-boot boot menu like GRUB or systemd where you can select to update Windows?

Otherwise you can check the keyboard shortcut to load up the Framework’s boot menu.

I think F2 lets you see an entire menu where you can choose between going into the bios, boot menu, or just continue with the default boot sequence.

nope it goes into fedora, and if i chose Windows with boot menu it wont update - in windows still that it want reboot

mash f2 starting shortly before when the framework logo would appear for the stock boot menu.

to add a windows option to fedora grub you can use os-prober to detect windows and grub2-mkconfig to automatically generate a new grub configuration (redirect its output to the location of your grub config - its somewhere in your /boot/efi)

edit to add: adding a windows option in this way will make the grub menu display on boot if it doesnt already.