Undervolting RS 7700s for F16

Does anyone know any way to undervolt the RX 7700s dGPU in the Framework 16 laptop?

I do not know of any way to undervolt the dGPU, but I would recommend checking the AMD Adrenaline software and see if there are any undervolting settings there. Otherwise, there probably isn’t any way to undervolt the gpu unless Framework is willing to provide bios settings for it.

Can anyone try undervolting the 7700S using Afterburner’s curve editor?

Or with MorePowerTool! It used to work on older, mobile RX GPUs. Please someone from past batches, reach out!

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I can try it but it looks like it hasn’t been updated for years unless you know where to get a newer version…

You can find the latest versions on igors lab, though I won’t be too optimistic that it’ll work with mobile Radeons.

Cool, Thanks. I will check it out and report back.

So neither of them does anything really. I can adjust settings in the “graphics” and “display” portions for the 7700S and my 780 but that is about it. Those settings are obviously available inside of the Radeon software as well but I suppose this provides an alternate option.
Fan Tab

More Power Tool detects nothing at all.

Now I just wish I could get my 7700S to run past 35W…

Thank you for your insight.
Regarding your 35W limit… I’d check it out with support, that is NOT normal.

But you do have the power cord attached or does your laptop run on battery? If attached to a charger, this might indeed be a case for Framework support, as TheLPeink already noted.

Also, as written in the compatibility table, MPT is not compatible with RDNA3 (aka the 7000 series).

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I know what it said but I still went to check.

I do have a power cord attached; I don’t have the framework charger but now I have charged to 100% and I have a 140W Charger. It seems to be some artificial limitation. I am trying to figure out what the problem is.