Updated 3D Printed Case for Framework Mainboards using 3D Printed Pins!

Hi Friends!

We’ve heard the Community, and given the challenges in sourcing the required metal fasteners listed in our guide, after final testing, we’ve just updated our 3D Printable Case for Framework Mainboards and made it available via our Github! The audio board and WiFi will still require metal fasteners as those were too small for a printed pin solution, but now, the mainboard itself can be secured by printed pins.

There’s more being worked on behind the scenes and we’re excited to share more details in the future. Thanks for your support, and happy printing!


That’s really cool update!

Something to add, for lower end desktop mainboards, there are fasteners for NVMe M2 drives like these:


Not sure how useful would a design like that be for making a fastener for for the audio board and WiFi though.

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Link Broken


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