I refer back to a topic in 2021 about the upgradeability of Framework laptops.

I bought the highest spec I could afford (11th Gen i7) in the first batch available in UK. I hope that this will be upgradeable to fit (when it comes out) a touch screen. I gather the new speakers won’t fit this case (I may have ‘gathered’ wrong…) but that is a bit of an example of non-upgradeability…so I do hope Framework are keeping, as much as really possible to the mission…

If you are referring to the upgraded 80db speakers, then you can swap them into an existing Framework Laptop 13 chassis.

If you’re referring to the speakers announced in today’s deep dive, then you’re correct. Framework Laptop 16 parts are not compatible with Framework Laptop 13, and vice versa, because Framework Laptop 16 is a much larger chassis.

Thanks for that, Morpheus…
… any comments on the likelihood of a 13" touchscreen for my Framework?

I’m not a Framework employee, so all I know is that Framework hasn’t announced anything of the sort. They’ve said the connector is already there on the mainboard, though, so it may be possible in the future.