Upgrading the Battery

I have had issues with my Framework but generally I am in love with the design, with one exception: Battery life!

I see there is a new 55w battery that for months has a “coming soon” label on it in the marketplace. I know little about batteries but I have two questions: 1) Will this at least give me 8 good hours of charge, and b) any word on when it will become available? Thanks!

The original battery is 55Wh. The one you’re looking at in the marketplace is a simple replacement, not an upgrade. It is probably not going to give you any more battery life than your current one does.


I thought the default battery was 55W so a new one at 55W will give the same run time.

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No internal options for now.

If you’re open to external options…and depending on whether you’re ok with the price and weight, this maybe something that you can use (and not just for the laptop):

That’s a bummer. Why is this difficult - seems like a no-brainer for making additional money for the company, and it is a major sticking point in regards to the viability of the product.

It’s simply a size constraint, I’m pretty sure you won’t find a battery that’s the same size or smaller than the current one while being

  1. Relatively affordable
  2. Available
  3. Safe enough for use in a laptop

While I often wish for a larger capacity battery as well, I think we’ll have to wait a bit until advancements in battery technology enable batteries with more energy density (or a considerably more power-efficient CPU option becomes available). In the meantime, I have learned to enjoy power-tuning my Framework.