Upward firing speakers

Is there enough depth, power, and connectivity to potentially have upward firing speaker modules in the future?


I’m gonna say yes, because if someone wants it bad enough, they’ll figure it out. Like that guy who added a headphone jack to his iPhone.

I am hoping some kind of upwards firing speakers for future Framework 13 too.

what that’s a thing?? i know there was that troll video where someone just drilled into a 6 for no reason

I don’t mind the sideways facing speakers so much as I do the audio quality. Upward would preferred, but I would like it if the speakers were louder and clearer.

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First we’re going to need cut-out touchpad spacers with baffles installed, so the sound can pass outside and the dust cannot pass inside. Does anyone knowledgeable have an idea on where to get baffle material?

It will also require that the plate underneath the top parts have perforations.

Edit to add - off-topic somewhat, but I am very excited to see what sort of mods people can come up with. I want to see if I can script something to update the LED matrix parts on a periodic basis - weather, clock, something along those lines. Likely sharper people will beat me to it. Then full-custom hardware add-ons, and so on.

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True, I think speaker is the part that so hard to make, even huge company like apple need to buy audio company like Beats to improve the sound quality for their product.
It’s just not worth to pay effort on something almost no respond for a small company. They can work on that later.

Things like screen having mature manufactory like BOE to provide excellent screen, but quality speak is no place to find, So I think the speaker on framework is reasonable.

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Do you think the spacers each side of the touch pad could be converted into thin panel speakers?

I give it a greater than 0% chance. Give it a shot!

Now there is a thought, an array of the thin speakers like used in cell phones maybe …

I doubt that good ones could be made of that thickness. However directly below those spacers are where the actual speakers are, so it might be possible (although difficult for the community to do) for upward facing speakers to be created in the same spot as the current speakers with a different mid-plate and touchpad spacers to have speaker grills going through the mid-plate.

Apparently, these are the smartphone speakers to go for:
Black Shark 5 Pro Audio test - DXOMARK

Sadly, it’s from a chinese company, so we need to look for an alternative.
I tried to search for spare parts for the 2nd placed ASUS ROG Phone 6, but unfortunately couldn’t find replacement speakers among those.