Upward facing speakers flanking keyboard

Any chance we will get speaker modules that will face upward on both sides of the keyboard? I saw lots of cool modules at the press event and feel additional speakers would really turn the framework 16 into a great media device.


Can you fit speakers in 3ish mm of height? If so then yes, otherwise probably no.

  • The speakers could be much ‘thicker’ and be removed when closing the lid.

  • The speakers could be housed in the bay at the back when not being used

  • The speakers could be housed in the back and come out sideways on little arms.
    There was already a mention of the back expansion bay being used for speakers


And when you forget about them and close the lid, you’ll either crush the speakers, or more likely, the screen?

That both sounds highly improbable and very problematic mechanically. If you want to use the expansion bay at the back, why not simply create a speaker module for the expansion bay? There should be enough room for some good quality speakers plus electronics.

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I haven’t looked at the design and if height allows, but could you just have the inside of the laptop be the connection to the bus and then have the speakers come outside the shell of the laptop? I think it would look different and would kinda look like the laptop bottom has hips or something, but if sound was a huge concern it might work? Just brainstorming some one’s crazy experiment here. :smiley:

Fortunately I do VERY little music or video consumption on my computer, but upward facing speakers would be really nice

Yes. Planar magnetic drivers.

Or, if you’re TDK, it’s 0.49mm:

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Well then send it XD, looks like plenty of space.