USB-C/Thunderbolt Dock Megathread


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| Targus | USB-C Dual HDMI 4K Docking Station with 100W PD Pass-Thru | delock | @SmokeTech | Tested with Windows 10 Pro: Works out of the box. Tested: HDMI, loading through the hub, USB-Ports, LAN and SD-Card Slot. Doesn’t include a power adapter. Short cable to the laptop but works for me.|

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Has anyone been able to confirm if the Dell WD19TB can output to 3 monitors on Linux?

I’m looking for a dock with pretty specific needs. There are very few docks available that check all the boxes, and I haven’t been able to find good evidence that they’ll work on Linux.

My requirements are:

  • 3 displays at 2560x1440 60hz (HDMI or DisplayPort, doesn’t matter)
  • Ethernet
  • 65w or more power delivery
  • Audio out (headphone jack)
  • At least two USB-A ports

My goal is to be able to plug in one cable and get to work with a full desktop experience.

Sadly it looks like Dell doesn’t make the WD19TB anymore, or at least doesn’t show it on their website. I can still find it on Amazon, but the price has jumped by a lot. It seems they’ve replaced it with the WD19TBS, which drops the headphone jack.

If I could be sure it’ll work with the 3 monitor setup though, I’d pay the jacked up price.

I’ve also found this Startech dock which meets all the criteria. But no word on Linux compatability. USB-C Dock 4K Triple Monitor DP/HDMI PD - Laptop Docking Stations

If anyone has gotten a setup working like I described, I’d really appreciate hearing from you.

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I’m getting a 403 error when I try to update the table, but I’ve settled on this docking station, and so far I’m very happy with it:

4URPC Laptop Docking Station Dual Monitor USB C 10-in-1 (HU-104B)

My absolute requirements were dual monitor, pass-through charging, headphone support, and at least 3 USB A ports (at least 1 at 3.x).

Tested with Windows 11. USB A, audio, HDMI 1 & 2 are all working. I haven’t tested Ethernet or SD cards. It charges fine with the Framework charger, but I’ve gone with a Nekteck 90W wall charger as a power source, so I have my Framework charger ready to go on the road (and to give some overhead for charging other devices off the dock). I had to disconnect and reconnect at various points, but once something worked it kept working. Supports 3 screens including the laptop but also has a built-in stand for storing the laptop closed (that was what led me to this one over other similar models).

Update on the CableMatters 107044 Hybrid TB3 Dock. I can only run one external monitor with it and my i5 Framework. I tried all combinations of the ports (2x HDMI, 2x DP, 1x HDMI + 1x DP, and DP daisy chain). The second monitor doesn’t seem to get a stable signal.

The dock works great with a different HP laptop, so I’m keeping it for now. It also seems identical to the Plugable TBT3-UDZ dock. I’ll try to follow up with CableMatters support.

If anyone here has either of these docks, let me know if they work for you.

After reading the post from @Daniel_Power, I am revisiting how I was testing my Startech dock

The manual is listed here.

In reading this thread about which ALT mode is supported

the docking station will be limited based on the docking station chipset and/or cables .

In my initial testing I am getting the same result as everyone - the docking station has 1 monitor working via display port, but the second monitor does not work from the station. If I plug that monitor’s cable directly to the laptop, then the monitor works.

Upon looking at the technical document (via the pdf):
DP alt mode (DisplayPort alternative mode)
This docking station supports DP alt mode, which means a DisplayPort video signal
can be transferred over a USB-C cable. Thunderbolt 3 supports the full USB-C standard,
including support for DP alt mode. Because the docking station supports DP alt mode,
you can connect Thunderbolt 3 or USB-C based video devices, cables, or adapters to
the secondary Thunderbolt 3 port on the rear of the docking station.

While the manual references to this dongle ( CDP2HD4K60 ), I was not able to find this exact module via Amazon; Amazon recommended me this model CDP2HD4K60H. During the initial testing, the dongle connected with a HDMI cable works better than any previously USB-C to HDMI cable.

When I plugged the dongle/HDMI into dock’s USB-C port, the two external monitors are working. In fact, the laptop monitor is working. With the three displays, I noticed the laptop screen was not responding. I can disconnect the USB-C cable, but the laptop’s monitor was frozen.

As I am using POP!_OS 21.10, I have not tried using Windows (or using drivers specific to the chipset).

I am lead to think the laptop might work as long as the requirements/circumstances are met correctly.

Hope this helps,

I am also having an issue with Windows and the WD15 dock. For one mine doesnt charge at all, and it also does not let me run my monitor at 60hz, only 30. I was wondering if you are on the most recent batch of drivers, I really don’t want to try and registry edit to fix this.

Mine does not charge all the time. But when I disconnect and reconnect, it’ll eventually work - though sometimes I have to do disconnect and connect the cable multiple times.

But it is running my monitor at 60hz.

I did download the most recent BIOS and installed the latest batch of Framework drivers, and currently running on Windows 11

I’ve tried two different docks:

1 | Wavlink WL-UMD01 - I had trouble getting the monitor to work reliably. I could get it to work, but often would need to reboot the dock multiple times or unplug and re-plug in the monitor or dock

2 |Cable Matters 201053 - Seems to be working seamlessly out of the box. I haven’t got two monitors, so I can’t test that.

With both I have troubles with my keyboard (Durgod Taurus K320) - it works for a few seconds and stops working. It works without an issue directly plugged into the laptop. I don’t know if the cause of the problem is the docks or the keyboard.

In my most recent response on this thread I was sharing how my testing of the startech docking station is progressing:

Today, I am testing the CDP2HD4K60 which arrived yesterday. This was the dongle that was recommended in the documentation for a second monitor. The dongle allow better support for a second monitor via the USB-C on the back of the docking station.

As I am writing this response to the community forum, I can share that I am not having issues. There is no blinking or locked screens/laptop freeze as I experienced with the CDP2HD4K60H dongle.

Therefore I was going to give my StarTech Dock model TB3DK21DPPD a passing grade for two 4K monitors, USB3, and power to charge my laptop battery.

The vendor’s website state this is a good docking station for Windows and Mac. As I have this docking station at my home office (and at work) using my MacBook Pro “work unit”, I wanted to find out if the Framework laptop can work well with this unit. I would say yes.

I am using POP!_OS 21.10 and I am able to use the same monitors and usb accessories as my macbook pro uses without any sacrifice. II also did not have to enable special drivers, etc. I am still on the 3.06 BIOS too.

So… to me regarding USB-C docks I think the details regarding the chipset and the DP ALT mode is quite important to investigate.

This model started out with a very poor experience, but once I did the research, I am now getting the same experience as using my MacBook Pro with this docking station.

I am using the HP Thunderbolt G2 dock and I noticed when I connect it to the laptop, sometimes the storage expansion card will disconnect. I would have to re-connect the dock a couple of times to get the expansion card working. Has anyone had this similar behavior or has it just been this dock?

@john_doe I also have a G2 (120w) and notice that it messes with cards but only when using higher current draw devices on the laptop itself

So is it a dock issue or can it be fixed by Framework’s firmware?

my suspicion is due to how I have a usb to rs232 adapter that would cause a similar issue when plugged into the laptops usb a card and was plugged into the dock and it was on this forum mentioned it was a power issue

but beyond updating the docks firmware, which got an update recently, I won’t further speculate

I’m going to strongly recommend against the Anker 12-in-1 dock, it’s been wildly unreliable for me and I’ve had to return mine. May just be a one-off issue but it seems not well built to me. Mine was plugged into nice clean power via a UPS & used the provided TB cable to my laptop running Window. I needed it to run 2x monitor (1 USBC->DP, 1 HDMI), a KVM switch for my mouse and keyboard, power for the laptop, and a USB camera connection. It started failing immediately and escalated over the month I had it -

  • HDMI monitor signal would cycle to black and back every ~10 or so minutes, moved HDMI monitor directly to laptop.
  • Sometimes would fail to reconnect after computer sleep or power cycle, would have to power cycle hub (not a huge deal).
  • Remaining monitor sometimes wouldn’t reconnect after power cycle, would have to physically unplug hub before resetting.
  • USB connection would sometimes fail after power cycle, would have to physically unplug hub, sometimes several times, before resetting.
  • Remaining monitor started to periodically lose signal while on.
  • Finally the unit itself started connection cycling with the laptop and I could no longer keep anything connected consistently.

Going to look for another, hopefully better option.

Are there docks with a built-in power button that will power the laptop? Or is this function not supported by the BIOS yet?

All of them will work; just enable “Turn on on AC Power” in the BIOS.

@Ethan_Spoelstra Did you get a chance to try two monitors with your Plugable TBT3-UDZ dock and the Framework laptop?

I found another USB-C dock that works with the Framework laptop.

The model number is OWCTCDK5P2SG and is sold by One World Computing.

While this would be traditionally a MacBook/MacBook Pro/iPad Pro, I was able to use the dock via the USB-C connector for Video, USB-A, and SD card accessories without any issue. I am using POP!_OS 21.10.

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The USB C Mini Docking Station (UD-CAM) by Plugable works OTB on Windows 10/11 and Linux. It is advertised as compatible with macOS but I have not tested that nor have I tested the ethernet port. There could be some other function I haven’t used/tested but I’ve been using it daily for several weeks on both Windows and POP_OS and have had no problems. The downside is that it only supports one monitor (HDMI 1.4 4k @ 30 Hz) but it comes with a VESA mount so it can be hung on the back of a monitor. It provides up to 85w of power, has ethernet, 3.5mm audio in/out, 4 x USB C 3.0 ports and a USB C/Thunderbolt 3 connection to the host. It also has an on/off switch for the charging cable which I often use at night. I got mine on Amazon but its available elsewhere.