USB Microphone

I’ve recently tried using a USB mic (Maono AU-PM421T) on previous gen FW and notice that the device is preventing me from opening up audio settings. And even if it does open, the device doesn’t work. I tried another laptop to confirm the device is operational.

I’ve currently a monitor via HDMI adapter, and an Anker USB-C dongle (with another monitor connected to the dongle) . Both adapter and dongle is on one side (not sure if relevant). The microphone is connected on the opposite side to a USB-A adapter. I’ve even tried stripping everything off so that the only thing connected to the FW is the microphone, but the result is the same.

Any thoughts/settings I can consider looking into? TIA.

Could you provide some information on the OS you’re using as that may have implications on the troubleshooting or suggestions?

Oops sorry. Running windows 10