USB type c is used for charging, maybe include one USB c expansion card no matter what

Now that framework laptops are in stock, it feels like they could appeal to an additional set of users. It might not be obvious to future users that they could essentially order a laptop without a charging port, even though presumably the cable would reach the USB port the expansion card is supposed to plug into. If somebody can be required to choose 4 expansion cards, it doesn’t seem unreasonable that one of them could be required to be USB type c.


Very good point, should be included in what ever framework you get, would change that very nice price of 749 and 999.

the price of the 999 preconfigured model does include 4 USB-C cards, but I did just test it out and I was able to add a DIY edition and a preconfigured to a cart without any notification that I would need to have a USB-C card. There is a FAQ with that information at the bottom of the expansion card page, but it’s not the most obvious. While I think including a card by default may not be best if the purchaser already owns a USB-C card for some reason, but a clearer warning during the purchasing process might be nice for customers who don’t realize the need for USB-C. (It’s also possible that there is some protections in place if you actually try to finish the purchasing process as I didn’t test it that far)


I mean, it’s a greater hassle to pull an expansion card every time you want to charge the laptop but it’s still possible without it

I say leave it as is to maintain the pricing, if expansion cards can be included without raising price then sure but otherwise no

I think you can just plug in a usb c cable to the main board itself without the usb c expansion card and charge the laptop. A less elegant way lol

@En-celadus Yes you can but it substantially increases the danger of damaging the motherboard when you accidentally kick the power cable. When the cable is attached to an expansion card, you are likely putting at risk only the card.

I don’t think it would change either price point. As far as I can tell, the $749 price on the DIY edition does not include any expansion cards, and the store lets you proceed without buying any, and I don’t think this needs to change. On the base model, $999 does include four $9 expansion cards already.

I do agree that the system should always come with 1 USB-C expansion card.
So 3 optional included, plus the 1 required for charging.

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They should simply throw a warning if you do not have a USB-C card and you try to check out.