Why is buying one USB-C optional

wait, so I can only charge the laptop via a USB-C port…

then, why is buying a USB-C port “optional”? I mean, if a person didn’t select one at checkout, then, when the box showed up, he’d have a brick right?

Shouldn’t 1 USB-C be mandatory?


the usb-c is a passthrough card (basically a male to female ‘extension’). The mainboard itself has usb-c ports that can be used for charging. (or anything else)

oh wow…


didnt realize that

I guess for cable management it’d be kinda weird to have the power connecting into a laptop with a port that is so recessed… hmm…

it’s not officially recommended because any forces on the usb cable/plug are transmitted directly to the socket on the mainboard, but it’s perfectly doable.

the USB-C cards aren’t just about filling a hole, they also provide sacrificial (physical) protection to the connectors on the mainboard.

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On my work computer, HP, not Framework, the USB-C port stopped working, and the USB-A ports are getting pretty sensitive and not always connecting to what is plugged in.

The device is from 2018 or so, and of course the ports are not replaceable, like our Frameworks.

If it get bad enough, will have to put in for something new, or wait until the powers that be decide a tech refresh is in order.

It pretty much is, but there’s no good reason for force customers to buy them, maybe they already have some USB-C expansion cards from a previous laptop that they want to reuse, or whatever.


Having one pre selected may be a good middle ground but yeah forced add would be kinda annoying.


That’s a good idea.
Just preselcting one USB-C Card and when you don’t want it because you already have one. Then there could be a infobox saying something like “Are you sure you don’t want the USB-C Card because it is strongly recommended to use on for protction of your internal USB-C port. If you already have one just continue.”

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