USB2 Logic Analyser

I’m currently finishing up my design of an FX2LP-based 16bit Logic analyser, how many people would potentially be interested in buying one if the price was around 50-70USD inc shipping? I’ll share some renders once I decide on the user-facing connector and a couple of other things.


I’m definitely in :slight_smile: Looking forward to more details!

There is a quite cheap usb-c version of the fx2 based one available, may also be an option though not integrated of course.

I’d definitely be interested.

Is the USB2 limitation coming from the FX2LP chip or the design (and BOM cost)?

Yep, there is the FX3 chip, might look into it once I’m finished with designing this one, but since the chip is roughly triple the FX2 part, it will be above 100USD and I believe another member of the community already prototyped one.

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Thanks, but the integration is the main point here, at least for me. I already have a usable external LA, but having one within the Framework Laptop chassis would bme way cooler :wink:

I’ve just finalised my BOM, but I ended up having to extend the case by about 5mm to accommodate the connector as I was unable to find a connector that would be able to expose all 32 pins, on the actual version it will likely be a 20 pin connector (16 pins for the logic inputs, power, GND and 2 trigger pins that will be a 1.27mm pitch header) as I exposed every single GPIO pin. I’ll copy most of this design and make a design more representative of the production model with only 20 pins exposed and share those renders. I will sell these at 70 USD (shipping absorbed into the cost), so if you feel like purchasing one right now with the expectation that it may take up to 60 days before shipping, you can do so here:

Just letting everyone know, that I will ideally need a couple of orders before I start designing my production model, so if you want one, vote with your money, and if you think it’s a bit too expensive, let me know!

What is it used for typically?

Just purchased one. Hope I’m not the only one and the production can start soon :crossed_fingers:

I’m no pro by any means, but they are useful for debugging any kind of digital communication. You connect the individual channels to the data lines in your circuit and record the communication. You can then inspect the timings in software (e.g. the open-source PulseView) and even decode the data using various decoders (e.g. I²C, SPI, UART, 1-Wire etc.)

I have tested my design, but I’ve realised I can build a FX3 based logic analyser for not much more, so I’m going to go that path instead, I won’t post pics of the FX2 card as I don’t want to wake up with 50 orders for a product that will be superseded by a better product. Those people who ordered FX2 cards, if you really want it or need it ASAP, let me know, otherwise I will send you FX3 boards in a month or 2

Now it’s getting interresting