Logic Analyser Work in Progress

I thought it would be cool to have a small 8bit logic analyser as a module. So i’ve grabbed KiCad and i’m currently cloning something like fx2grok - sigrok to a module.

Nowhere near final, and not on a github currently, but i really enjoy thinking about these modules so i had to give it a go! Let me know what you think.

The right-angle headers should be replaced by laying a strip of straight headers flat to save vertical space.


Update! shortened the board and replaced the pinheader. It’s a hack, but it should work :stuck_out_tongue: Schematic is complete i think. Board layout will take some more time to place components and then route the traces.


and another update. Did a first attempt at routing, replaced the eeprom with a much smaller package. Not sure if i’ll keep the LED. Also i want to test the option of making this a 16bit LA, or having some extra trigger pins. Not sure yet how, would need to make a mockup with a bit of PCB in the case first.


And i’m on a roll. Without my testing i just added a second row of pins. It’s now a 16bit logic analyser. Removed the eeprom as it isn’t needed for sigrok.


Great to see you working on this.
My 2 go-to’s are always a logic analyser & communications analyser.

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This looks awesome!!

This is awesome! We’ve seen these work really well for pin headers as well if you want to avoid having pins sticking out https://www.digikey.com/en/products/detail/preci-dip/8FM-78-0010-02-146/4140634


I like the idea of the pins not sticking out. I may be a good engineer, but I am also a klutz and anything sticking out of an expansion module I would snag at some point. The part @nrp highlighted looks good for that.


I agree, I would probably find some way to snag my wool sweater and bend pins.

This project looks soooo cool! Anything that enables me to analyze i2c, i2s and UART directly on my laptop would be great. Even as a standalone device this is cool as heck

You could use a female header whose pins sandwich the boards, I did the same things for a module I’m working on