Using a USB-C port to charge the laptop

I have a Macbook Pro from 2017 and it contains 4 USB-C ports. One of these I use with a GaN charger which I have purchased separately, so that I can use the standard Mac charger and also have the additional GaN charger. It would be nice to use a USB-C port and include a Gan type of charger instead of the default charger that is included. Here is a random article:

Using the USB-C port and a GaN charger seems like a more universal approach to charging a laptop.

A side note. I hope the new 16" will fit in a standard 15.4 laptop sleeve. As well as fit in a standard backpack that usually fits the 15.4 Macbook Pro laptops.

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It sounds like you’ve not looked into Framework much.

The Framework 13 uses USB-C PD and the charger is GaN.

EDIT: Oh I misread, you meant the 16 in laptop. All accounts indicate it will use USB-C PD, all further information is unknown.


It is usbc charging by default, though i hope there is a powerl barrel option for high performance dgpu ExpansionBays.

As for laptop cases its 16’’ not a 15.6’'screen with a higher width and might not fit, at least not with the gpu module.

If they don’t go all the way to 48V with PD3.1 I could definitely see a barrel jack on a GPU expansion bay module, and then when you’re running on just iGPU then USB-PD will be enough.

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I’d expect the 16" to take basic pd power (65 maybe 100w) by default but beefier expansion cards may use a brick instead.

Yah with the GPU module like Linus holding, if they dont go PD3.1, I have doubt in whether current PD protocol could handle it or not.
And the outer dimension is also something noticeable, as I had times that have to buy new backpack just to keep my new 16’ laptop on the go, as the old backpack can fit 16’ but slim ones XD.

For anyone who happens to stumble upon this thread, F16 is now confirmed to come with 180W USB-C PD charger and support up to 240W charging, maxing out the relevant USB-PD standard.