Using Discourse Solved Plugin

Discourse has a plugin called solved which allows posters to mark a reply as a solution to their post, much like stackoverflow. I haven’t seen it used here. It can be a nice addition to help people find solutions faster.


Thanks for the suggestion! We’ll bring it to the Framework staff and see if it is something they would want to use.

It could be there is a specific reason they are not, so no promises.



I’m just necro-ing this thread to ask if people had just forgotten about this request or if there is a technical reason why it hasn’t been implemented as I think it would be terribly useful for everyone here.

I see it had been discussed in the mod team’s internal channels but I’m not sure what decision, if any, was made on it since it was well before I joined the team. I’ll ask around next week, the Framework team is off until Monday.

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I’ll jump in too, this would be great.
Discourse also has some better Reply functionality then the one currently employed.

MOST IMPORTANTLY THOUGH. Please please fix the contrast of titles in dark mode. Why is it black on a dark grey background…