Ability to pin posts in Forum threads

I have seen many threads where awesome community develop their own expansion cards or similarly technical projects. They tend do get a lot of feedback from a lot of people or sometimes it is almost a development process happening over the course of the thread.

The problem is, if you happen to find the thread a while after it has been created and active, you might have to read through 100+ posts to understand the current state of the project or the conversation in general.
It would be helpful if maybe the owner of the thread or moderators could pin a post at the top/bottom/to the side of the main thread. It could be used for an overview or current development status or feature set of the project in the thread.
Such a function would also be helpful for solved/responded community support threads or honestly, probably all topics could make use of a pinned comment feature.

Unfortunately this is a limitation of the forum software we use. You can always jump to the bottom and start with the most recent comments, or the OP can edit their original post with links to the updates.

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Ah i see.

Maybe something to keep on a post-it or mention to the developers of the forum software, though?

Thanks for the quick reply!

It looks like Discourse already has feature requests on it, it’s just not on their radar at the moment.

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