Using other USB-C power supples

Is it safe to charge my Framework laptop using non-Framework USB-C power supplies? In particular, one that came with a Nintendo Switch (15V 2.6A)?

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Use a USB-C power supply that is advertised as “generic” by the seller.
I remember having read stories of some gaming console charger that fried tablets or laptops plugged into it (see edit), I don’t remember if it was Nintendo or Sony, but anyway, in this unfortunate case the charger was clearly advertised as “for that specific gaming console”.

Edit: Sorry, after looking up, that was the other way around:

But that also says that Nintendo weren’t following the USB-C specifications in their cable, which I thus wouldn’t trust to plug into my Framework (and I don’t know about their charger itself).

Personally I’m using Anker chargers for my Framework laptop, and they’re just perfect.

An other point is that you should use a charger that supports Power Delivery (PD).

I use a Nintendo Switch charger often with my FW - which is not an endorsement that anybody should - but it hasn’t caused any problems for me. It doesn’t charge as quickly as the Framework charger though, being a lower wattage.

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