Laptop Charger Compatibility Check

Are there any laptop usb c chargers that would be dangerous or detrimental to use with a framework? I’ve got this one for my work laptop and am wondering if I need to keep switching back and forth between it and my FW charger, or just use either for either machine.

There shouldn’t be an issue.

I use the following 5 USB-PD charger with the Framework laptop at various locations / times throughout the day:

  • Lenovo
  • Dell
  • Aukey
  • Framework
  • RAVPower

As long as they’re USB-IF certified, you should be alright. Some are not USB-IF certified…and that’s YMMV.

That one looks perfect. I’ve been using an older Lenovo USB-C brick that I got online for around $20 as my charger when I have my laptop docked for about 9 months now, and it’s been going great. it’s a 65W as well.

Thank you! I’ll start using it then.

One question though: how can you distinguish a PD charger from a non-Pd charger? I might be looking in the wrong place, but I don’t immediately see “power delivery” anywhere on the thing.

Also, how can you tell if something is USB-IF certified?

Any USB-C charger with above 5V is PD, there are quick chargers (9V sometimes), but for laptops, it is usually 15 or 20V for PD. For USB-IF there is no easy way, if it has UL listing it should be fine, some manufacturers may say this on the site of the charger.


I have been using an ASUS charger without any problems so far.