Very initial views on AMD Ryzen7 Gaming

So, I’ve got my Ryzen 7 all configured and setup, so started playing a few games to see how it goes, and thought I’d share.

AMD Config: 64 GB Ram, 1tb SN850x, ryzen 7 (all purchased from Framework)
Cards: USB-C x 3 (both back and one on right), USB a on left.
USB-C Hub with PD (100w), HDMI to 1440p screen, ethernet, blah blah
Screen: LG850 @ 1440p @ 100hz (max allowable on framework)

Only tried three games so far:
Star of Seas - setup as 3x window mode, and Full screen - GPU never got above 20%, and it ran perfectly in both modes. No fan spinup on the laptop, absolutely perfect experience (as far as I could see)

Lamplighters league - played @1440 on external display, Medium settings.
GPU ran at 100%, fans came on, but weren’t too busy. Performance acceptable -game playable, but framerate felt poor (I didn’t check actual figures)

Vampire Survivors - @1440p borderless
Absolutely perfect - as you’d expect.

So, appreciate nothing too taxing, but so far so good.

Please do share any other gaming experiences :slight_smile:


Are you playing on Windows or Linux?

I played a bit of Baldur’s Gate 3. It took me a while to find settings, that would hit 20-30 FPS while not dropping resolution and not adding any upscaling, however I did find some in the end. One would probably be able to hit 60FPS easily by lowering the resolution, but considering that it isn’t a very fast moving game, I optimized for looks instead. The power profile actually makes a big difference here, it can double (or half) the FPS!

I might post some more in depth details, once the BIOS is stable and I may have progressed a bit further into the game (it is a new save, since I only played at a friends place so far :)).

(This was on Linux, mesa 23.2.1, kernel 6.6rc6)

SNKRX ran flawlessly of course.

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Apologies! Windows 11.

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