Graphics options for playing Cities Skylines 2

Hi community - I was interested in your thoughts on this.

I’ve got the Framework 13 Ryzen 7840U model on preorder. In most regards this laptop is perfect for me - solid Linux support, and I like the form factor of the smaller laptop. I’ve been an XPS 13 user for years and this feels like the natural progression.

I’m not really a gamer except for Cities Skylines 1, which plays just fine on my XPS 13 (i7 7560U with no GPU).

I’m excited about Cities Skylines 2 and wondering if I’ll be able to play it on my new Framework. They say the minimum requirement is a Radeon RX 470 and according to this: 780M vs RX 470 [6-Benchmark Showdown] it is a slightly higher spec than the integrated GPU.

I’m not really interested in the Framework 16 even though I know it would be an easy solution, since gaming is such a small part of what I will use the laptop for. What other options are available to me? I see eGPUs don’t really work yet. If you were me, would you just buy the game and dial down all the graphics settings and hope for the best?

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Have you considered a Cloud gaming solution like, or Xbox play anywhere?

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You should be fine as long as you turn down your resolution a bit!
eGPUs should work as well, as the USB4 is full-featured on the Framework laptop!


@Eric_Lidiak Ooh I hadn’t but I will take a look - that might be the obvious solution!

@Shiroudan Well that’s an exciting prospect! I’ve seen in other threads they’re pretty flaky on earlier Frameworks and definitely not officially supported, and me being a Linux user makes that even more likely. It’s a big investment if it doesn’t work so I will wait and see what other people’s experience is once these Ryzen models are out in the wild!