Viability of an ML 1220 rechargable battery for RTC | CMOS (11th gen)

Confirmed the packaging is a requirement for shipping lithium-ion batteries (considered hazardous materials). While the outer box was a bit too large, the requirement is that there must be a smaller package within an overpack for safety reasons.

Important to note this requirement doesn’t exist everywhere globally, but for this shipment, it was required.


It is perfectly reasonable when said company has taken steps to be able to sell to you as if it were a local retailer. The reason this takes time for companies to do is specifically because it can get complicated, but companies (be they Framework, or Valve, or whoever else) still may consider it worth it because it can boost sales, give more satisfied customers (imagine the fury of someone not understanding that buying a System76 laptop comes with added Duties and VAT messing up their price calc), and so on.

System76 case: unreasonable expectation, because you are importing privately.
Framework case: reasonable, you are technically purchasing within UK/EU/whatever, and should hold them to the same standards you’d hold your local Curry’s.

(And of course, in this case, Framework is both the manufacturer and seller. So that distinction does not matter. And they probably have either own staff, or consultancy firms on retainer, to understand and deal with this stuff and all similar matters, like VAT/import duties/etc etc.)

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Well clearly you don’t agree, but I expect my purchase from a foreign company to be under their rules and laws not mine, in the UK, that’s for UK sellers.

I can buy from China but they don’t have to abide by UK laws in terms of support etc.

I won’t bother you with legal stuff and leave you here.

I would think Framework expects they’re subject to laws and regulations of the countries in which they’re selling. Was this not part of the reason they’re urging people not to freight forward to unsupported regions? To ensure compliance with laws and regulations in their supported markets?

Laws have to be enforceable. I can’t see me as a UK resident asking Framework to fix my laptop after 4 or 5 years even if UK provides six years to claim against any transaction.

  • Some transactions can stipulate a shorter time, which then the buyer is bound to
  • Suing a US based outlet (Framework) from the UK would be a waste of resources and likely to fail.

Luckily I don’t really expect years of support

Those rules likely don’t apply to foreign companies. @moderators Can we lock this thread? It has served its purpose and is devolving into pointless bickering. FW has said all they are going to do on the subject and nothing positive can come from this thread now. All knowledge on the subject is known.