Viewing information about USB-C power delivery in Linux

Does anyone know how to view information about USB-C power delviery (such as wattage delivered, voltage, etc.)?

I have a USB charger that suggests that it is working (all the lights come on as expected) but battery shows discharging, so I am curious to see if it is delivering any power or what is going on.


Search here for charging voltage. You’ll find something from Framework’s engineer talking about what current is required for charging.

I’ve read all that. I’m looking for how to see what the actual laptop is reporting from the charger.

Thanks for the tip.

This shows some data, it looks like it is the right kind of data, but it doesn’t include anything like charger wattage or voltage. But there are a number of fields missing, so possibly that data is not being reported.

I was hoping to find some info under /sys/class/typec, but no luck there either

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