Any Tool to see the currently supported USB-C-PD Mode?

Hey guys,

did not found anything through the search, so here is my question:

Is there any way, maybe a tool, to see which power level is currently supported throught the USB-C charger (and cable)?

I had an Lenovo E14 and through it’s battery tool you could easily check if your charger+cable is supporting 65W or 100W.



Provided power adapter is 60W

cable is 100W

But I wanna check what my other charger/cable can deliver if connected.

Not sure what you want: but to check what they can deliver

  • Query the manufacturer for design
  • Run through an monitor to provide a readable output etc.

For a usb charger and or cable

To monitor output from mains: Example

No, i want to see in Windows how much power the Framework Laptop and the currently connected charger have negotiated through USB-PD.

You can try a download like HWiNFO64 or use Windows inbuild powercfg to get a load of data.

Links to follow

Does Not Show it.

PLEASE only answer If you have Something useful to answer.

Clearly I don’t know what you are asking for.

Currently I can see my usage is drawing 10W from the provided power supply as I’m typing.

OK will leave you to it.

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