[RESPONDED] Flaky USB-C Power Delivery

I have this issue since day 1 of having my laptop, but wrote it off as “new hardware and linux” weirdness. But now I have another (non-framework) laptop with USBC PD, and have the same issue there.

When I charge via USB, the charging randomly cuts out from time to time (from 2s to a handfull of minutes).
Basically it stops charging (causing a notification) and a second or two later continues charging. This happens on a full charge as well as partial charge.
It’s also not only a software issue, as the charging LED on the laptop also turns off while not charging.

There is no message about it in dmesg.

I use the original 68W charger by framework, including cable. But other chargers and cables (by Ugreen for example) still cause this behavior. Short or long cable doesn’t matter either.

I’m really not sure what the cause could be here. The wattage should be more than enough (the UGREEN charger I tested can do 100W)

There is basically 0 mention of this behavior on the internet and I feel like I’m going insane, as this problem now is happening with two laptops of mine.

OS: Xubuntu 22.04
12th gen framework

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Just fishing in the dark here, but did you measure output voltage of your power outlet to see if it’s equal to the issues you’re experiencing?

Because that would explain your exact behavior.

Also, does this happen everywhere or is it local? (Everywhere in your home, a family/friends house, a coffee shop, etc)

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The fact that this occurs with other computers suggests either bad power supplies, or more likely as @Anachron suggests you are getting power outside the correct voltage range. Generally speaking you may be getting dirty power i.e. on a 120v line this would be outside of the 118-122volt range (though technically it is +or - 5% / 6volts) most UPS with voltage regulation kick in with a 2volt variance and regulate it to 120v. This would cause the PD to become intemittent if it was incapable of delivering safe power.

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I agree, could be dirty power, voltage range oddness, etc. To confirm, this is only happening with the aftermarket charger, correct?

If so, likely something is off with the aftermarket charger. If it’s also happening with the Framework provided charger, you will want to reach out to support.

This also happens with the official charger and cable. (European version).

The dirty power is a thing I also suspected, but it’s just not something that seems likely. But with all other options and variables off the table, it’s a fair point.

But I’ll check from another location soon.

And if another location doesn’t help, please reach out to support.