Visual impaired mainboard help please

Could anyone that has their midplate removed please help with a couple of questions?

  1. Where is the latch that secures the fingerprint reader cable to the mainboard and which direction is it flipped up from?
    I can trace the cable to the mainboard. It bends to the left at right angles then seems to run underneath another plastic area.
    There is a large plastic blip that sticks up from that plastic area to the right of the right RAM module.
    Below is a rise piece of hard plastic around 10mm long that is oriented diagonally.
    I can feel the pull tab below that that feels like it’s what I’m looking for though I can’t tell that it’s actually connected to the finger print cable and I can’t tell where the latch is that needs to be released.

  2. Where is the speaker connection on the mainboard?

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I don’t have my laptop disassembled right now, but from the pictures I’ve taken when assembling I can tell that there is large plastic rectangle to the right of the RAM slots. This is a little irregularly shaped with a cutout in the lower right corner stretching 1cm wide up until the middle of expansion slot 5 and two small elevated parts 1/3 and 2/3 along the left edge on the border to the rightmost RAM area.

This area contains the midplate connector socket right in the middle in vertical orientation, the speaker connector socket at the bottom angled 45° clockwise and the tiny fingerprint reader socket angled 30° counterclockwise near the upper border.

The speaker connector has a very short twisted cable to the right speaker, the left speaker is connected to the right one with a long twisted cable along the bottom of the case, between border and battery.

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Thank you very much for this.
I got the speaker connection. I think I just pull that up with the tab attached to the cable.
For the finger print reader, we are supposed to flip a ZIF latch to release the connector.
Does anyone have any guidance on the latch location please and which direction it opens from?