FW16 DIY: Input Module Connector Board not detected

Framework 16 DIY edition.

Hello, I had two issues when assembling the laptop, and now it won’t boot.

Issue #1: one of the touchpad spacer bent when I removed it, and the bottom plastic piece unglued itself (pic below). Without this piece, it’s not staying in place when I lock the 2 red tabs on the side.
I should be able to glue it back, but I think it’s worth mentioning for the rest of this post.

Issue #2: when I pulled the mid-plate connector from the mainboard (step 1), it also disconnected the other end attached to the mid-plate. I guess I pulled too much. I found two other persons had the same issue.

I’ve tried putting it back in place, but that other end is much smaller and harder to connect. And every trial requires me to unscrew and screw back the 16 mid-plate screws.

I make sure to actually perform step 1 (gently press the mid-plate connector into the mainboard connection) every time I reassemble it.

Final result

The laptop is stuck at : Input Module Connector Board not detected.

I found one other post that mentioned this issue. One helpful person mentioned that all components had to be put back onto the mid-plate. That helped, because after unscrewing and screwing back many times, I had stopped putting the touchpad and spacers back, to save time.

But I get the same error when all pieces are in place.

I don’t think the mid-plate connector cable is damaged (it looks like the mid-plate connection had a soft adhesive, not hard glue that would break). What are my options?

I will try reconnecting the mid-plate connector cable to the mid-plate as best as I can.

Thanks for reading

PS: I have made a support request