Visually impaired guide, check keyboard special keys please?

Can someone flesh these out for me please?
On the top row of the keyboard:
f1 picture of a speaker
f2 decrease volume
f3 increase volume
f4 2 arrows to left
f5 arrow and two vertical strokes
f6 two arrows pointing to the right
f7 decrease brightness
f 8 increase brightness
f9 picture of a screen
f10 airplane
f11 print screen
f12 circle with bits off it

Where is the fn key please?
I don’t have my keyboard installed right now, but guessing:
Four keys on the bottom left: control, win, something then alt
Right side: alt, apps (right click) then control.

On the numeric keypad the top layer of keys is:
1: escape
2: plus minus asterisk slash
Don’t know what they would do.
3: equals
4: back space

The row below is the conventional:
1: num lock
2: /
3: asterisk
4: -

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The last row at the bottom, starting from the left, is:

  1. Ctrl
  2. Fn
  3. Windows or Super key
  4. Alt
  5. Space (and Keyboard backlight)
  6. Alt Gr
  7. Ctrl
  8. Left arrow key and Home
  9. Up arrow key and Page Up at the top then Arrow down and Page down at the bottom
  10. Right arrow key and End

This information was taken from the picture of a keyboard on the website.

Note that F12 is the framework icon (you previously described it as “circle with bits off it”)
Also the Insert and Delete button is the same button, right next to F12

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Thank you Jeremy.
I’m wondering what people do for an “apps” key then, usually to the left of the right control key. It does the equivalent of a mouse right click to open context menus in lists.

Oh, you’re right, it’s not there. I’ll also miss that key :laughing:

I see some posts that also complain about that. Exemple: Custom Fn key combinations?

A solution could be to use QMK to create that key using layers.

I don’t know how that works though as I don’t have a framework laptop :stuck_out_tongue:

Off-topic question: I don’t know anyone who’s visually impaired, may I ask if you’re using a screen reader to navigate the forum ?

It seems that you can configure the keyboard directly through a web interface from Framwork: (I couldn’t test myself, so I cannot guide you through the procedure)

If you are using Firefox like myself, you might want to install Ungoogled Chromium to access the above web interface, as Firefox doesn’t support direct connection to USB devices (Yes, the Framework keyboard, at it’s core, is a USB device) . You can download Ungoogled Chromium here: Downloads for ungoogled-chromium

Off-topic question: I don’t know anyone who’s visually impaired, may I ask if you’re using a screen reader to navigate the forum ?

Yes, I use the NVDA screen reader. It echo’s key strokes and speaks text and controls as I move around with tab and cursors.