Waiting for EU sales or importing?

… and it shipped (with DHL Express and for slightly less than $140 including insurance, fragile stickers, Li-Ion stickers and extra padding).


If anyone is interested: I’m willing to sell my imported Framework Laptop.

Batch 5 DIY i5, Crucial 32GB 3200 RAM, AX210 Wi-Fi, 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, 1x HDMI, 1xMicroSD-Reader, Original Carton

It comes without a charger (any 60W USB-C charger will do) and I plan to keep the SSD with my data on it. If you don’t need the RAM I can keep it as well.

As far as I can say (haven’t tried the fingerprint reader under Linux) everything works as expected. Although I get similar numbers like others here I’m not satisfied with the battery life and standby battery drain under Linux, that’s why I sell it.

I paid around 1150€ for it and would sell it in this range (excl shipping from Austria).

@tobaroni I would be interested, can you message me? I can’t figure out how to direct message someone on this forum.

Also just for reference what is your battery life like? I’m not super picky about it but I am curious to know how bad it is for you to want to sell it

EDIT: messaged you now

It finally arrived! :tada:

After it had shipped from the US, I got contacted by a customs agent from the receiving DHL Express hub in Germany as the customs authority had some questions on some of the items that were not properly described. Turned out it was the expansion cards and wifi module that were missing a proper description, so I sent them a detailed list along with the shipping notice I received from Framework which had all items listed even with pictures. Customs clearance was confirmed a couple of hours later while the package was still in transit. In general, the global express companies like DHL, UPS and FedEx have specialized staff to handle customs stuff, so that should in general be rather hassle-free. With USPS and the destination country’s regular mail provider it can be more hassle. I remember that once I had to go to the local customs office in order to open my shipment in front of them before I was allowed to take it home.

I’m just trying not to think of the emissions this whole journey caused (New Jersey [Framework warehouse] → Sarasota, FL [MyUS] → Cincinnati, OH [US DHL hub] → Leipzig, Germany [European DHL hub] → Basel, Switzerland → my place :persevere:).

Thank you everyone for sharing your experiences! Since pre-orders from Europe are now open, for many future Framework owners the experience will hopefully be a bit smoother and the shipping on more direct routes, too.

To summarize the entire journey so far:

Nov 27 - ordered DIY i7-1185G7
Nov 30 - preparing to ship
Dec 02 - charged & shipping soon
Dec 08 - shipped
Dec 13 - delivered in FL, US
Dec 15 - shipped from FL, US
Dec 16 - Framework announces availability in select European countries
Dec 17 - laptop arrives at my place in Germany :tada:


I was trying to order framework today but it appears that preordering is available only for few countries (US, Canada, German, France, UK).
How do you guys ordered it for other countries? e.g Australia. Is there any option to “pay now” w/o $100 deposit? Or you have billing address in those countries?

I ordered from Australia which was no hassle, used the shipping forwarders address as billing address. Just did the normal pre order process.

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I used the shipping forwarder’s address as shipping address and was able to specify a separate billing address during checkout.


Hmm. I see. I thought billing address have to be the same as credit card issuing address. Otherwise bank may refuse transaction or customs may have questions to me. Ok, thanks I will dig this topic more if it is legal to use forwarder address as billing.

Doublechecked with my forwarder. They do NOT allow use their address as billing addr :slightly_frowning_face:

You don’t need to use their address as billing, you can set a different address for billing and one for shipping.

Easy :slight_smile:

Ordered 20 Dec, just received email to say it is on it’s way, but no tracking number yet.
UPDATE 22nd Feb: Just received tracking number.

Ordered also about the middle of December through MyUS. I got it at the end of January, so I am using it for about a month and somehow they did not request me to pay US sale tax and DHL did not request VAT payment, so I got it really really cheap.

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US sales tax does not apply due to the location of MyUS’s warehouse. The bill from DHL Express for the import VAT may take a couple of weeks, so I wouldn’t be surprised if that eventually does arrive.

Well, 5 weeks has passed and from what I’ve heard, it usually should be paid when receiving the package or about that time.

Oh, and to sum up the question that started this conversation:

It costs about the same to buy in the USA and in Germany or France, buy with US option you don’t have to wait for the Frame.work to ship whole batch, so usually it’s way faster, so NO waiting for EU sales did not make any point and buying here still does make very little point and only in some circumstances.

Except that doing it your way you have no warranty or support at all from Framework, whereas those of us who ordered directly will get a full 2 year warranty?

Well, I do not expect it to be broken. I have had it for a few months and everything is fine, and it is a frame.work laptop, so it is repairable anyway.

Hello everyone. Just a reminder that we do not endorse freight forwarding as it can lead to a poor customer experience. Framework will not be able to honor any warranties as we are not authorized to sell or ship our product to countries/regions outside of those that are officially supported. If you proceed with exporting Framework products to unsupported countries/regions, you are acknowledging our inability to provide warranty support and understand that you are solely responsible for any and all Customs paperwork, fees, or other required items for export/import. If the product is lost in that process, Framework cannot be held liable for any losses as we are no longer in control of the shipping pipeline end-to-end.

We’re continuing to work to expand our global footprint, and kindly ask for your patience while we continue that work.

Thank you.


At this rate, I will likely get a Steam Deck before I get a FrameWork laptop, due to how fast it’s moving with getting into the EU.

Yeah, I get the legal disclosure above, but Frame.work should be happy that I’ve chosen their product not something else. I was really considering new Thinkpad, which is also very repairable.