Need a Framework Laptop before the end of 2021 in Europe

Hi everyone!

I’m very excited about the framework laptop! I only have a small dilemma: I live in Europe, and I would like to get a Framework Laptop before the end of the year!

The situation is a bit complicated, but it comes down to that right now I have a very nice opportunity to sell my current laptop and upgrade to the Framework. But for this I need the Framework to be in my hands before the end of 2021. If I can’t get a Framework laptop before this time, then my nice opportunity goes away.

I know Framework is very busy with deploying their distribution in Europe. But maybe here some of you know of ways to get ahead of the process a little bit? I am open to creative solutions.

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Good luck, this seems to be VERY short time. Unless you buy from someone that is selling for some reason, I did see some of those, but that’s probably your only shot and need to be lucky with shipping (and pay for express shipping probably).
I caved in and got a Thinkpad P14s gen2 amd. Will keep an eye on framework maybe for the next one.

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You might have luck with a shipping forwarder such as Stackry.

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You might wanna check this thread: Waiting for EU sales or importing?

There are a couple of folks who have successfully been using a freight forwarder. I’m current waiting for my package to arrive at MyUS’s US facility in order to then be shipped across the Atlantic.

If you order now (like: today) there should be a fair chance you can hold your package in your hands before the 31st. If you’re not a business owner, you can have the freight fowarder pay the import duties and taxes (usually import VAT) beforehand which may slightly speed up customs handling. MyUS hands out referral links with 20% off your first shipment for new users, feel free to PM me if you’re interested.

This is what it shows for the dimensions and weight of my package (DYI, w/RAM, SSD, 5 expansion modules, no charger): 5,5 lbs / 2,49 kg, 18x11x8 inches.

PS: Stackry might indeed be an interesting choice since their warehouse in NH is rather close to Framework’s fulfillment center in NJ, so one would assume it’ll get there faster.


Ok guys, thanks for the replies, I will investigate the possibilities!

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I see that quite a few people are recommending freight forwarding. Freight forwarding brings unique challenges that can deliver a sub-par customer experience and limits the support we can provide. Unfortunately, if an import service is used, we will not be able to support your laptop or warranty if something goes wrong hardware-wise or assist when it comes to international customs or VATs.

That being said, we absoluter recommend waiting until we are able to officially ship to you! We do however, really appreciate your interest in Framework :orange_heart:


If anyone is interested: I’m willing to sell my imported Framework Laptop.

Batch 5 DIY i5, Crucial 32GB 3200 RAM, AX210 Wi-Fi, 2x USB-C, 2x USB-A, 1x HDMI, 1xMicroSD-Reader, Original Carton

It comes without a charger (any 60W USB-C charger will do) and I plan to keep the SSD with my data on it. If you don’t need the RAM I can keep it as well.

As far as I can say (haven’t tried the fingerprint reader under Linux) everything works as expected. Although I get similar numbers like others here I’m not satisfied with the battery life and standby battery drain under Linux, that’s why I sell it.

I paid around 1250€ for it and would sell it in this range (excl shipping from Austria).

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At least in Germany there are quite a few services allowing you to rent a laptop for the two months until a framework arrives.

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