Second Hand parts?

Hi there!
Where is it possible to find second hand parts?
Do we have an official/unofficial marketplace?


Here on the forum is a decent bet. There isn’t yet an official or unofficial marketplace (unless you count eBay). You might find a user who wants to buy or sell something here or on reddit.

You may also be able to ask about second hand parts on the Framework Discord Server. I don’t use it myself because I prefer the slower chat pace of the forums, but I did a quick scan of the rules there and it doesn’t seem like a request like this would violate them. There are also 11th gen laptops refurbished by Framework if they’re available in your region.

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I think it would be a good idea to have a dedicated “Market Place” category (as there are “Getting Started” ; “Framework Team” ; “Community Support” ; … categories) for Framework second hand spare parts on this forum.
Centralizing classified ads on this official community would give them better visibility and trustfulness.
Also I would like this market place to present any compatible/dedicated products (specific expansion cards, laptop skins, …) from third-party companies.

The Market Place would be unofficial as Framework would clearly say they are not responsible for the parts and products presented.

At least it would be nice to know Framework policy about such market places.

No official one for reselling used parts.
And ebay.