Reselling 12th gen mainboard

Ignorant question. Has anyone resold their mainboard and was it a pain. I don’t have the bandwidth to come up with a project for my 12th gen alder lake. I really would like to get an AMD board as that is what I originally wanted so I want to sell my current mainboard. I basically want a fig leaf price wise I just want it to be reused. If it covers half the cost of the new board I’ll call that a win. Any thoughts?

13th Gen hasn’t started shipping yet. Did you mean 12th Gen?

I have sold things but not a mainboard. I sold a chassis to another user. It went fine. Communication is key. And don’t try and save a buck ditching buyer/seller protection. Always use PayPal Goods and Services.


ya 12 gen my bad. I’ve fixed the post

I sold my 11th gen mainboard to partially fund my 12th gen mainboard.

I was almost expecting to see the buyer around the forums but there’s no indication. Hope they’re happy with it.

It was win-win though. It partially offset the cost of the upgrade, the mainboard gets a new use, the buyer gets a good board at a good price.

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@Fraoch Similar story with selling my chassis. I killed the board inside though so I needed a new board. Buyer had a board but decided they wanted to convert into an actual laptop. Selling the chassis pretty much covered about 50% the cost of a new laptop for me. Haven’t seen the buyer around the forums since the sale but they told me they were happy with it.

I encourage you or FW employees to create a dedicated section devoted to buying and selling stuff. Putting stuff on the marketplace seems complicated especially around imaging (does putting it on the marketplace mean FW vetted the seller etc) but forum could be a useful way to arrange this stuff and organize it.


I would probably join the selling group once the reviews for Ryzen 7040 and Meteor Lake models are out. Hoping someone will be able to reuse the mainboard too.