Screw not fitted correctly?

Hi I just got my framework laptop this morning and was so excited I started opening it up before even turning it on. Good thing because one of the 5 screws on the bottom of the case seems to be stuck. Its like a screw out of place, makes that little click noise each full spin and I’ve tried screwing it out or in as much as it can to reset it. Nothing has helped so far.

Has anyone else experienced this issue? It seems like a really simple thing maybe it got jostled in shipping or something. Because of this I can’t open the case up so happy found it now and not when it was time to make a first repair :slight_smile:

when its all the way screwed in it looks ever so slightly off center as well, barely noticable

This is by design, I believe. Its supposed to lift the corner of the top-plate just enough to get a fingernail under it.


ah this was it thank you very much @Kimberlee_Model now I feel silly lol


@Kimberlee_Model So glad I saw your post before I got mine I would have also been confused. Maybe framework should make a note of this special screw.

I think it’s noted in the QuickStart guide now, I also found this very confusing and it felt like I was stripping the screw during opening.

Yes, thanks for noting the confusion. We have updated the Quick Start Guides to note that the bottom right fastener (bottom left when upside-down) lifts up the Input Cover, so it doesn’t come out as far as the other fasteners.