Keyboard bulging

See photos. New computer, received five days ago.
The keys are working, just the surface isn’t flat. It’s more noticeable when seeing with eyes, but the picture somehow shows they don’t line up straight.
The battery is on the opposite side. The F-keys are actually above the CPU and stuff.
I can see the aluminum shell being bent, but it’s hard to capture on camera.

Is this a known issue?

You will have to show it exactly on the edge or from the back with a) the lid fully open and b) a steel rule balance on it’s edge etc.

Anyway if you are not happy contact support they may send you a new ‘input cover’ the name for the top including the keyboard etc. As easy user replacement.

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Thanks @amoun I don’t believe a steel rule will help because thin stamped steel products bend.
My thoughts are, If it’s just cosmetic I would just keep using it, until when I want to replace the whole top cover & keyboard assembly (or whatever it’s called) I’ll take it as a progressive improvement in quality control.

I mean to place the steel rule on edge so it will not bend :slight_smile:

It looks like my input panel is concave by less than 0.5mm

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Just checked my machine with a straight edge and yes the back edge of the top cover is slightly bowed, but considering that area of the cover has some flexibility in it and the keyboard works 100% I do not see a issue. All manufactured items are made to a tolerance so you can ask support is your cover in specification, but I am sure its okay.

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@Steven_Tyrer Yeah as I said it’s probably just a cosmetic issue. Most of my other laptops don’t have this problem though, but Framework’s keyboard has the best feeling so far.

@amoun I did the same but my rule was much longer so it could not support itself, and I won’t bother getting another one.
I can see your “number 4” key is bulging up, aside the bowing down around “F7”. Mine has exactly the same, so … maybe It’s a thing? A wavy keyboard wow new fashion.

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I had to prop the rule up from behind, see at 2 to 4cm a white ‘thing’ that’s a small essential oil bottle behind the rule :slight_smile:


I don’t see that ???

@amoun It’s pretty obvious to me, probably because I know what I’m looking for. But it could be visual illusion. The best way is to look from the side, and things should line up in straight lines, following perspective rules of course.

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As you have only the one view of my number 4 key I don’t see how you can have such a view, although you could with yours, but then you cannot compare.

Still don’t get how you see my ‘number 4’ key as bulging ???


I think this might be another issue rather than a technical/mechanical one. :wink: :rofl:

You mean maybe some may have bulging eyes and mine are concave :rolf:

Actually I am long sighted which mean they are bulging, so maybe it’s the concave that don’t see the concave.

A cave within a cave and well hidden.

@Jason_Dagless I don’t know about that. Visual illusion? Lens distortion? Broken eyes? Mental illness? Or is there really a warp in the object? Actually, I don’t care. My keyboard is bent. My eyes are healthy. That’s it.

@amoun Okay, I don’t have to prove your keyboard is problematic. Thanks for paying attention, though.

Thanks for your concern but I just don’t see it. I was hoping you may highlight on the image I uploaded :frowning:

If you look at the photo you uploaded, you’ll see there’s a slight ‘v’ shape between F6 and F7.

Yes I already said there was a slight concave tendency but I was wondering what the

referred to ??

Further the concave ‘v’ between 6 and 7 is more an optical distortion.

F6 & F7. Anyway, if you don’t see it, you don’t see it. No issue there.

Ah! That was a bit off I was looking at 6 & 7 not F6 & F7 > later :slight_smile: