Webcam not turning off after Google Meet?

Having a kind of weird issue on my Framework where the webcam light doesn’t turn off after I finish a Google Meet video call. Turns off fine after video meetings on other platforms (all of which have standalone apps, not running in a browser tab). Closing the browser tab does not turn it off. Not a big deal, as I just use the hardware switch, but wondering if other people have seen this?

Even after closing Google Chrome?

I’m not using Chrome. I’m using a different browser and could be related to that. Haven’t had the opportunity to test yet, since I try and keep all Google use segregated to this particular browser and to use Google Meet I need to be logged into a corporate Google account.

However, using the same browser/Google combination on my older Thinkpad does not have the same issue.

Completely exiting the browser works but that logs me out of a bunch of accounts, so is a last resort. Flipping the camera switch is easier.

This does sound like a potential browser bug, since we’re just interfacing using the standard camera software interfaces built into Windows, and it does turn off successfully in Chrome and Firefox after Google Meet calls.


@nrp Yes, probably a browser bug. The browser is Shift by the way. Don’t have the issue on two older Thinkpads, one running Linux and one on Windows 10, both using Shift.

One of these days I’ll try to remember to test in Firefox.

Not a big deal because of the hardware cutoff, which is great to have.

You could use Firefox tab containers to isolate your Google usage/cookies etc.

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