Framework 13 i5 - video lag on Google Meets

Hey folks,

I’m having issues with lagging google meets calls, particularly when applying visual effects like light adjustment, when they’re displayed on my 4k monitor (a Dell U2718Q). Typically it’s connected via a dock (I’ve tried an OWC Thunderbolt 3 Dock and a Lenovo ThinkPad USB-C UltraDock) to that 4k monitor and a Scepter monitor E248W-19203R (1080p).

Firmware is up to date on my laptop and the Lenovo dock. Specs are as follows:

13th Gen Intel i5-1340p 1.9ghz
Windows 11 Home

Any ideas? I am going to need to start moderating big zoom calls/webinars soon and I need to get this working, or switch machines. Thanks!

Have you always had these kinds of slow downs; Ie: did this used to work? Are you running the meet session full screen on the 4k display? I wouldn’t think it, but it could very well be possible that the 4k displays and the graphic affects are straining the intel GPU.

One way to test is to force the 4k display to a lower resolution, and then try again. If you see no slowdowns, you have identified your GPU as a bottleneck in this case.

I had things working on a different, less powerful laptop in the past, but this has been happening since I got this machine a few months ago. I’m currently running the 4k screen to display at 1080, but am still running into slowdown, especially with light adjustment stuff

I’ll try this again and keep activity monitor open to see how the GPU is doing, but I seem to recall GPU, CPU, and RAM all performing at pretty normal levels

This sounds like an issue with the dock. iirc the Lenovo docks can be pretty iffy.

I should have mentioned this, but I’m currently running the 4k monitor straight to my laptop with a DVI to USB-C cable

This is dar more likely to be a bandwidth issue. 9 times out 10 issues with video conferencing software is network related.

it’s possible, but based on network tests I’m consistently getting about 200mps down from the room I’m working out of. haven’t had network issues with other machines in that location, and there is a notable difference with video lag when I turn off effects like light adjustment and blurred background as well

What does Task Manager look like while you’re seeing the issue?

Can you share the specs on that laptop? Maybe it had a discrete graphics setup despite having a less powerful CPU.

If you really want to dive in to the nitty-gritty, you could run a performance data collector while experiencing the problem. It should highlight any hotspots that could be bottlenecking.

WIN - type “perf” and launch the Performance Monitor application. In the left-hand nav pane, expand Data Collector Sets, then System. Right click the System Performance template and click Start. Minimize the Performance Monitor and open Google Meets to reproduce the problem. Once complete, go back to the Performance Monitor and Stop the data collector. The results are in the Reports section in the nav pane.