Recommend a lightweight USB-C charger

I just upgraded from a Dell XPS 13 to a Framework Laptop 13.

The charger that came with my new Laptop 13 is fine but I’d like to buy a compact/lightweight charger for travelling with.

Can anyone recommend a charger (preferably 60W) that works well with Framework laptops?

Assuming you are in the U.S. or other countries that uses the same physical socket.

I have a Belkin 65W Dual Port charger, model is WCH013dq. Works pretty well with my Framework

I also have a even smaller Belkin 30W, single port charger that can charge my 12th Gen Framework no problems when system pulls under 30W. Model is WCH001dq.
(Should work fine with Intel FWs. AMD FWs currently doesn’t support certain smaller chargers due to PD bug, fix could come in next firmware release, unknown timeline)

It seems like Belkin now also have a 45W Dual Port, size sits between the above two models. I do not own this model.

Not endorsing Belkin or any other brands. I simply found them work pretty good for my needs, so I figured I will share these chargers.

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Depending on the flavour of Framework, AMD or Intel, chargers (or the AMD laptop) are a little fussy. There is a thread about it somewhere…

However, in the UK I bought a UGREEN 65W GaN for the previous laptop and it works great with the AMD Framework 13 I am using now.

2 usb-c ports the ports, closer to the prongs is the higher power…

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Anker’s 67w Prime series works for me.

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At work I use the Anker 735 3-Port 65W and at home the Anker 737 3-Port 120W

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